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Our working group is based in Vienna, Austria, where we are integrated in the Department of Forest-and Soil Sciences (Institute of Silviculture) at University of Natural resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). Our research team is mainly focused on evolutionary and population genetics, as well as forest tree breeding. As the official project leader, our group is responsible for the coordination of ACORN (WP6) and, hence, somehow involved in all WPs. Nevertheless, BOKU is primarily involved in the identification and sampling of study populations (WP1), the examination of drought adaptation signatures in the oak genome (WP3), and the development of seed transfer guidelines (WP5).


Charalambos Neophytou, PhD.

Specialized in Forest ecology, forest genetics, phylogenetics, and tree breeding.

So far, his work has been focused on spatial and temporal changes of genetic variation under the influence of evolutionary mechanisms and human activities. Moreover, he has worked on practice oriented projects dealing with provenance identification based on molecular markers and provenance research by means of common garden experiments.

Role in ACORN:  Project leadership.

Simon Jansen, PhD.

Specialized in forest genetics, tree breeding, and conservation biology.

Within his PhD Simon Jansen examined the historical and current transfer of forest reproductive material and its impact on forest genetic resources in Europe. Further research interests are related to tropical forest ecology and species distribution modeling. 

Role in ACORN: Project coordination (WP6), species identification (WP1), drought adaptation signature (WP3).



Renata Milcevicova, PhD.

Specialised in genetics and molecular biology.

Role in ACORN:  Molecular analysis, PCR, DNA- Sequencing

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