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Team FVA


As a state forest research institute experienced in the formulation of seed transfer guidelines and species suitability maps under future climate scenarios, the Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg (FVA) will lead the WP 5 (Concept for assisted gene flow). The team has also expertise in the selection of oak stands and developing criteria for fieldwork, thus will also co-lead the WP 1 (Population selection, fieldwork).


Devrim Semizer Cuming, PhD.

Role in ACORN:  The scientific project work including genetics and genomics, data management and analyses, seed transfer concept, supervision, field work, reporting and publications.

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Silvija Bilela-Eckert, PhD.

Role in ACORN: field work, genetic laboratory analysis (including technical organization, standardization, optimization) and data management.



Jörg Kleinschmitt, PhD.

Role in ACORN:  Team focal-point

Lars Littmann, Msc.


Joined in June 2023 after studies and a research assistent position at Uppsala University.


Role in ACORN: Conduct bioinformatics and whole-genome analyses, seed transfer concept, data management, writing and reporting.

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