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We are the interdisciplinary groups of National Botanical Gardens of Turkey (TAGEM Republic of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies) focused mainly on plant biodiversity and conservation. In the project, our team is responsible from field work sampling, population selection, genotype x phenotype association (GWAS), common garden trials in Turkey and funding as a national focal point of ERA-Net biodiversa.


Pelin Acar, PhD.

Specialized in Forest ecology, Forest genetic, Phylogenetics, Plant Morphology and Conservation Biology.

Role in ACORN:  All work packages (WP1, WP2 and WP4) of which Turkey is responsible

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Özlem Mavi İdman, PhD.

Specialized in Field work, Biological Collections, Plant Morphology, Anatomy, Systematics and Conservation Biology

Role in ACORN: Species identification, Field Works, Common garden-based phenotype x genotype association study (WP 4)



Kürşat Duyar, Technician

Role in ACORN:  Seed (acorn) sampling,  common garden trial control, and management (NBGT/TAGEM)

Dilaver Arslan, Administrative authority

Specialized in Agriculture, Breeding, Crops and Medicinal Plants, Botanical Gardens

Role in ACORN: Responsible authority for project budget allocation and spending, common garden test site allocation as well as managerial and logistic support (NBGT/TAGEM)

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